The capitalisation report of the innovation maps of the BRIDGES regions is completed and was approved by the project partners during the 4th ISC meeting on 8.6.2017 in Helsinki.
The purpose of this capitalisation report is to provide a solid basis of data and methodologies to facilitate decision making in relation to the action plans of the BRIDGES project regional partners. The report summarises the six innovation maps, makes recommendations for the regional action plans prioritising types of technological connectivity between less and more advanced innovation regions, and draws conclusions regarding technological connectivities beyond locational proximities.
The innovation maps indicate that while the number of innovation performing businesses is not as extensive as anticipated, RIS3 industries indicate strong potential for renewal and/or modernisation, and in one case, also diversification. Gaps in the regional innovation systems, lack of critical mass, and mismatches between productive and knowledge bases are sometimes present, too.
RIS3 industries’ potential will be explored in the partner action plans. In the process, knowledge base gaps will be addressed through targeted partnerships and innovation management gaps through good practice transfer.
During the 3rd (April 2017-September 2017) & 4th (October 2017-March 2018) semesters, BRIDGES is preparing for the formulation of the action plans.

The document "BRIDGES Innovation Maps capitalisation report" can be downloaded by the link below:

Download this file (BRIDGES_IM capitalisation report.pdf)BRIDGES_IM capitalisation report.pdf 

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